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“Train global leaders with the ability to innovate, venture into business and implement strategies that generate sustainable value for organizations and their environment.”



In 2025 we will be recognized as an international school of management that operates in coordination with its environment to generate knowledge and contribute towards the formation of global citizens.


Strategy: With the aim of strengthening the skills that enable students to manage and lead organizations in a demanding environment, teaching strategies have been developed that make it possible, from the lecture halls, to foster a relationship with the business community through a wide variety of projects. As a result of this, we have managed to assist over 17 companies in 2020 as a result of the economic reactivation. Participation in our ‘business challenges’ continues to grow strongly, with a total of 46 challenges completed with the business community in 2020.

Leadership: At the various education levels, different models are presented that are underpinned by values and principles, which instill the goals of organizational growth and the wellbeing of the people who make up companies, under the precepts of social responsibility. This is reflected in the graduates of our programs, who demonstrate their leadership with great impact. During their development, students form part of the strategic decisions of the school through the Curricular Committee and the Academic Council. An active and empowered Student Council carries out an important range of initiatives to benefit students. Between 2018 and 2020, six students represented the School of Management on the Colegiatura.

Innovation: We work to impact and drive transformation in the way companies are structured and run. We are also pioneers in the UR Steam model, through which the Innovation Center supports the research process through a variety of projects and initiatives, such as: 1) the development of a quantitative tool to measure the management of innovation in Colombian manufacturing companies; 2) Social Laboratory, based on innovation, experimental technologies and the social appropriation of knowledge to promote the social and productive formalization and inclusion of different economic agents; 3) An analysis of the peace-building activities of Colombian companies between 2000 and 2020: progress and future challenges.

Entrepreneurship: We foster the ability to turn challenges and problems into opportunities using strategies that generate value and lead to a transformation in a given environment. Over 380 students from the school have been supported by the Entrepreneurship Center, and 180 students have participated in entrepreneurship activities and competitions. This has resulted in over 160 companies being created by students from the School of Management, and 30% of the graduates of our programs have carried out entrepreneurial projects.



A relationship and pedagogical model where science, technology, entrepreneurship, art, mathematics and management come together to build relationships between academia, organizations and the state.

It will be possible to develop solutions to the challenges faced by our society, generating fresh knowledge at the service of the common good.

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INNOVA: Innovation Center

An innovation center where the status, transformation and future of innovation is studied in order to bring about increased productivity in the Latin American innovation ecosystem.

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The UR Entrepreneurship center fosters talent for business ventures and facilitates the development of initiatives and projects among the Rosarista community that make a contribution to societal development.

Our students are renowned for their entrepreneurial capabilities, which have enabled them to generate an impact on their environment.

Students from the School of Management have created more than 150 companies.

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The institutional focus is based on being a teaching university that carries out research, and our challenge is to offer consultancy based on the generation of new knowledge for its transfer to the real sector. Our lines of work are shaped in the latest management trends.


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