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Fray Cristóbal de Torres

History & Symbols

Fray Cristóbal de Torres

In 1653, Friar Cristobal de Torres founded the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. Being born in Burgos, he entered the Dominican Order there and began his teaching, which continued in Toledo and Toro. A devotee of the Virgin, he received the title of "Restorer of the Most Holy Rosary" from the king. Brother Cristobal died serving as archbishop of Santa Fe.

The Heritage

The university’s cultural heritage, through cultural works such as a statue, plays an important role in the recognition of the university’s history and the legacy of its forefathers.

The artist

Dionisio Renart was a sculptor of note born in Barcelona, 1878. He was known for his religious figures, monumental statuary and medal engraving. His works are displayed in various locations throughout Spain and America.

The statue: Description

Bronze sculpture, created by the Catalan artist Dionisio Renart y García, in the foundry house of Ferrucio Cescatti, in 1909. It stands 250 cm high.

The statue: Pedestal

Made by Alejandro Manrique of stone quarried in Bogota following the plans and drawings of Dionisio Renart. It measures 300 cm high and has four bronze shields, cast by Renart y Garcia.

The journey

In August of 1909 the statue finally arrived in Bogotá. Due to the Girardot railway being out of commission because of recent damages, its journey to Bogota was in a car pulled by pairs of oxen. Scaffolding was constructed to assist with its installation and using a pulley the statue was placed on the pedestal. Then, the shields were added, the inscription engraved, and its surrounding garden planted. The inauguration took place on October 10, 1909.

The statue

The sculpture captures the founder Friar Cristobal de Torres pondering intellectual life, moral character, and his own character. The plastic language of the work manages to convey the greatness, strength, drive, dedication, generosity, consolation, protection, love and indulgence that the founder showed.