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Civic Education and Peacebuilding

Based on innovative pedagogies and practical content suitable for different contexts, this international certificate focuses on providing conceptual and methodological tools for establishing and reproducing opportunities to learn, analyze and engage in dialogue on the culture of peace and civic education.

Language: Spanish

Location: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Start dates: January / July

Duration: One semester (14 UR credits – 24 ECTS) School of Human Sciences


Students must complete at least 14 credits to earn the International Certificate. This certificate has two components:

Core Courses: Students must choose four mandatory courses from the following options (one course from each academic component):
The History of Conflict in Colombia Colombian Social Problems 5.1 ECTS Spanish
The History of Conflict in Colombia Contemporary Colombia 5.1 ECTS Spanish
The History of Conflict in Colombia Applied Ethic 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Citizenship and Social Rule of Law Political Philosophy 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Citizenship and Social Rule of Law Contemporary Theories of Justice 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Peacebuilding Peacebuilding 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Peacebuilding Participatory Action Researc 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Trauma and Historical Memory Psychosocial Problems in the Context of the Colombian Conflict (Psychology) 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Trauma and Historical Memory Developing Historical Memory 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Elective Courses: Students must take one course from the following options in order to fulfill the remaining credit load.
Anthropology of Violence 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Documentary Film and Memory in Conflict 5.1 ECTS Spanish


Familiarize participants with some of the aspects of the sociopolitical   situation of Colombia, especially those involving the conflict and post-conflict initiatives that have been initiated thus far.

Familiarize participants with tools specific to peacebuilding and for building a culture of peace, and apply them to a variety of situations of conflict.

Makes students familiar with the negative consequence of resolving conflict, through violence with specific mechanisms for addressing these consequences and through tools, that positively affect the transition towards resolving conflict constructively.



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Contact Information:
Vice Presidency for International Affairs
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