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Doing Business in Latin America

This program allows students to experience the reality of Latin America, through the lens of one of the most important countries in the region, in terms of the presence of multinational and multilateral organizations: Colombia.

Colombia is a member of two regional organizations: The Andean Community (CAN) and the Pacific Alliance.

The program focuses on current affairs and students will have the opportunity to interact with governmental and non-governmental entities, to become familiar with real case studies of the region’s countries.

Language: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Location: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Start dates: January / July

Duration: One semester (14 UR credits – 24 ECTS) School of Law


Students must complete at least 24 credits to earn the International Certificate.

International Trade 5.1 ECTS English
Business Development in Colombia 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Negotiation Strategies 4 ECTS Spanish
Latin American Cultural Diversity 3.4 ECTS English
Panel: Current Affairs in Latin America 3.4 ECTS English
Economic Development in Latin America 1.7 ECT English
Interculturality 3.4 ECT Spanish / English
Business Roundtable 3.4 ECT Spanish
Organizations that Generate Assets and Social Impact 3.4 ECT Spanish


Gain a deeper understanding of business in a Latin American context from legal, cultural, geopolitical and trade perspectives.

Students acquire the tools that allow them to work in this region from a business perspective, contributing to the development of best practices.