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Entrepreneurship in Colombia

The International Certificate in Entrepre- neurship provides students the opportunity to have the knowledge and tools necessary to gain the skills held by an entrepreneur.

Students achieve this by utilizing and understanding the opportunities of their surroundings.

Language: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Location: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Start dates: January / July

Duration: One semester (14 UR credits – 24 ECTS) School of Law


Students must complete at yhe least 24 credits from the following list to earn the international certificate.

Project Management 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Personal Branding 3.4 ECTS Spanish
E-Marketing – E-commerce/td> 3.4 ECTS Spanish
The Rural World 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Technological and Digital Competencies for Entrepreneurs 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Product or Service Prototyping 3.4 ECT Spanish
Creativity: A Tool for Innovation 3.4 ECT Spanish
Businesses and Society 3.4 ECT Spanish
Coaching for Personal Marketing 3.4 ECT Spanish
Social and Economic Contexts in Entrepreneurships 3.4 ECT Spanish
Preparing for the Professional World 3.4 ECT Spanish
Creative Development 3.4 ECT Spanish
Skills for Entrepreneurship 3.4 ECT Spanish
Identifying Opportunities for Entrepreneurship 3.4 ECT Spanish


Propose creative solutions to the problems or needs specific to Colombia.

Interpret the needs, problems or opportunities of Colombia to help students identify ideas for entrepreneurship.

Obtain a professional perspective founded in self-knowledge and professional environments.