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Human Rights and Transitional Justice

The International Certificate in Human Rights and Transitional Justice offers students integral training in acting with transparency, justice and social responsibility in all aspects of their lives; helping to contribute to the development of a globalized and interconnected world that serves all.

Students will also gain analytical and critical skills to research, prevent and resolve conflict with innovative judicial solutions based on comparative law.

Language: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Location: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Start dates: January / July

Duration: One semester (14 UR credits – 24 ECTS) School of Law


Students must complete at yhe least 24 credits from the following list to earn the international certificate.

International Mechanisms for the Protection of Human Rights 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Contemporary Theories of Justice 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Post-conflict, Democracy and Human Rights 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Gender, War and Law 3.4 ECTS Spanish
International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court 3.4 ECTS Spanish
Film and Human Rights 3.4 ECT Spanish
Mining and Human Rights (virtual) 3.4 ECT Spanish
Bioethics and Human Rights (virtual) 3.4 ECT Spanish
Anthropology of Violence and Conflict 3.4 ECT Spanish
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law 3.4 ECT Spanish


Provide an applied approach to the theoretical aspects of justice in Colombia as a tool for understanding and overcoming the armed conflict.

Make students familiar with non-judicial areas such as anthropology, sociology and philosophy that influence the development of different institutions and concepts, and that relate to transitional justice and human rights.

Provide students with the skills to contextualize what they learn for the situation in Colombia and other regions of conflict by applying theoretical and conceptual tools.



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Contact Information:
Vice Presidency for International Affairs
Edificio Santafé - Carrera 6 No 12C-13 Bogota - Colombia
PBX (+571) 2970200 Ext 2125

PBX: (031) 2970200
Calle 12C No. 6-25 Bogotá D.C. Colombia