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Latin American Studies

The International Certificate in Latin American Studies (LAS) is designed for students who wish to acquire a deeper and interdisciplinary understanding of the Latin American region with a focus on the context of Colombia.

It offers a variety of courses from multiple perspectives that include history, international relations, political science, sociology, anthropology and economics, among others.

Language: Spanish

Location: Universidad del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Start dates: January / July

Duration: One semester (14 UR credits – 24 ECTS) School of Human Sciences and
School of Political Science, Government and International Relations


Students must complete at least 24 credits to earn the International Certificate.

Core Courses: Students must choose two mandatory courses from the following options:
Overview of the Region: Latin America and the Caribbea 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Colombian Social Problems 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Contemporary Issues in Latin America 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Elective Courses: Students are encouraged to take courses from the following options to fulfill the remaining credit load.
Peace and Development 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Reconstruction, Post-conflict and Transitional Justice 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Latin America 5.1 ECTS Spanish
History of Colombia 5.1 ECTS Spanish
Colombian Foreign Policy 5.1 ECTS Spanish
The Establishment of the Nation of Colombia 5.1 ECTS Spanish


Provide a general understanding of the main characteristics of the Latin American region and its sub-regions.

Identify the major political, economic and social trends in Latin America.

Analyze the main challenges this region faces from an interdisciplinary approach.

Enable students to partake in discussions about issues such as migration, processes of democra- tization, colonialism, race and ethnicity, poverty and inequality, among others.

Increase awareness of Latin American traditions, society and culture.

Strengthen critical thinking skills applied to Latin American case studies in academic contexts.



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Contact Information:
Vice Presidency for International Affairs
Edificio Santafé - Carrera 6 No 12C-13 Bogota - Colombia
PBX (+571) 2970200 Ext 2125

PBX: (031) 2970200
Calle 12C No. 6-25 Bogotá D.C. Colombia