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Economics applied to health systems in Latin America



This seminar on health economics will familiarize students with key concepts and methods in health economics and provide them with an understanding of some of the main discussions in the field. The course will combine theoretical foundations with empirical studies and emphasizes the relationship between the two. It is designed to provide tools to those familiar or not with the key concepts of economic science.


The course has three general components:


  • Instructor presentations in class
  • Presentations by students about cases
  • Visits to system entities (national fund for high-cost diseases), insurers (EPS), providers (IPS)

The course will be based on presentations, reading documents, videos, but above all an interactive component in which attendees will be asked to perform tasks associated with the topics and entities that are visited.


  • Universidad del Rosario: Paul Rodríguez Lesmes, PhD in Economics
  • HEORT: Alejandro Bryon
  • Guest instructors from different entities

Duration: 1 week

School: School of Economics

Location: Universidad del Rosario

Certificate of assistance

General Agenda

Each day it is divided into two activities, one at the Universidad del Rosario, another at the HEORT facilities or at another designated place. Academic activities will cover a work week from Monday to Friday. Daily activities will be from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, and from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.
  1. Monday: Introduction to health economics to.
    1. Welcome to Universidad del Rosario: Breakfast and introduction
    2. Health systems in the world
    3. Latin American health systems
    4. Health policies: key aspects and large areas of interest seen from the economy
    5. Practical work: how is to work in the health sector in Colombia? Visit to HEORT
  2. Tuesday: Key economics concepts
    1. Introduction to welfare theory
    2. Health Care Demand
    3. Economy of health insurance
    4. Visit: how is the health system managed and regulated? Visit to a member of an entity of the health system
  3. Wednesday: Technology adoption
    1. Decision making
    2. Prioritizing services
    3. Costing and financial impacts
    4. Cultural activity: visit to Monserrate
  4. Thursday: Insurers’ markets
    1. General problems
    2. Insurance Management
    3. Visit to an insurance
    4. Visit: Insurance work in Colombia, visit to an “EPS” headquarters
  5. Friday: Providers’ markets
    1. General problems
    2. Supplier Administration
    3. Visit: provider work in Colombia, visit to an “IPS”
    4. Dinner
  6. Saturday
    1. Visit to the salt cathedral

Cultural Agenda

During the students’ stay in Bogota, we propose 2 activities (mid-week afternoon and last day).

Third day: Be part of Bogota

A cultural afternoon where the students have the possibility to visit the historical center of the City:
  • Visit to Monserrate
The hills of Monserrate and Guadalupe have been holy places for inhabitants of the Bogotá savanna for centuries, much before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. We will visit the complex on top of Monserrate where visitors can enjoy the contrast between the city and the nature.
  • Free-time for visiting the historical center of Bogotá
Whether you want to buy souvenirs, visit museums, or enjoy the multiple cafés and libraries of La Candelaria.

Last Day: The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Visit to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. This is an underground Roman Catholic church built inside a salt mine 49 km north of Bogotá. It provides the opportunity to know a marvelous construction while learning about the beliefs and traditions of population of the center of Colombian both before and after the Spanish conquest.

Delivery to the university

  • Definite class schedule
  • Schedule of visits to confirmed companies / entities and cultural activities.
  • Final Report of the Mission

To Students

All the material needed for the development of pedagogical activities, including reading materials for class preparation.

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HEORT is a leading organization in the fields of research, education, health communications and generation of creative and innovative strategies to develop and implement real-life projects, programs and experiences in the clinical and economic environment of different health fields such as therapeutic and diagnostic health technologies, as well as determining the financial, administrative and public health impacts in relation to high-cost diseases, to strengthen the generation of knowledge, assertive decision making and promote an adequate relationship and timely among the different actors of health systems in Latin America, among which are providers, insurers, payers, academia, scientific societies, patient associations and public policy institutions.


- To have direct contact with the business environment in Latin America and to learn the different strategies that the entities in charge of the economic development and the public policy of investment and businesses, are implementing to offer a good business environment and to generate competitiveness in the region.



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