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International Commercial Arbitration and Investment Arbitration

The program offers students a variety of multidisciplinary courses and academic experiences outside the standard curriculum. The program aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the different mechanisms to resolve international disputes. The mechanisms are taken from distinct areas of international public and private law and participants recognize the most representative conflicts of each area that are present today.


  • Present the main international arbitration debates and conflict solution mechanisms at the international level.
  • Study and analyze the impact of the main international tribunals and the conflict solution mechanisms at the international level.
  • Understand the rules of the most important international arbitration centers around the world, in order to personally get familiar   with their practice.
  • Understand and differentiate international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration, in order to recognize the legal relevance of international investment deals in the current international economic disputes.

Program structure:
The program is comprised of 3 academic modules. Each module is complemented by visits and activities related with each one of the themes in the module.

  • First module: Introduction to International Mechanisms for Dispute Resolution
  • Second module: International commercial arbitration and investment arbitration.
  • Third module: Legal scenarios for Migration in Andean countries – the politics of the application.

Duration: 2 weeks

School: School of Law

Location: Universidad del Rosario

Certificate of assistance


- To have direct contact with the business environment in Latin America and to learn the different strategies that the entities in charge of the economic development and the public policy of investment and businesses, are implementing to offer a good business environment and to generate competitiveness in the region.



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