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International students guide

Course registration
Course registration must be completed in advance. An e-mail will be sent to you with a website and specific dates to complete your registration.

Tips for successful course registration:
1. We will review the courses you have requested to take and will validate your request. It is important to keep all of our suggestions in mind when registering your class schedule.
2. You will receive a letter of acceptance and a certificate of exchange  to be submitted to either the Colombian Migration authorities or Consulate, depending on your situation. A physical copy of these letters will be sent to your home university.



Upon registering for classes, students that do not send in their registration and schedule forms by the dates established by the International Relations Office team run the risk of there not being space available in the class that they want to take. It is extremely important that students register for the number of courses that their home university requires. The student’s schedule should therefore have the written approval of their respective academic coordinator from their home university.

Unless the classes are cancelled by the academic department, it is not possible to make any schedule changes once you have completed course registration.

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