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Keynote Speaker
Jaime Castro

Jaime Castro graduated from Law School at Universidad del Rosario, and continued his postgraduate studies at the very prestigious French National School of Administration (ENA) and the Institute of Local Administration in Madrid. He has long been a recognized expert in Constitutional and Administrative law; however, he has been permanently engaged in three special areas of interest: Justice, Education and Urban Management.

Jaime Castro is a renowned public figure in Colombia, both for his achievements as a political figure, as well as for his contributions to academia. He has occupied a great number of important public positions, such as Minister of Justice, Minister of Government, and is most recognized for having been Mayor of Bogota from 1992 to 1994. He has maintained an active role in Colombia´s political debates and has held an advisory role for several presidencies. In education he has not only held leadership roles such as Dean of the Colombian School of Management, but has contributed with several reference books in the last three decades, such as: La Justicia en Colombia (Justice in Colombia); La Elección Popular de Alcaldes (Publicly Elected Mayors); and La Cuestión Territorial (The Territorial Issue).

Bogota Colombia - Calle 12C  No. 6-25. 
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