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Presentation Brochure
Bringing Ekistics to New Generations
WSE Bogota 2014
April 3-5

Contemporary challenges of urban management and planning, such as global environmental issues, accelerated urbanization and growing urban regions, have a striking resonance with many of the central issues which - in a visionary way - concerned Ekistics since its early developments. The WSE´s diverse community of academics and practitioners from many fields has developed a growing network of educational institutions around the globe, which embrace the Ekistics approach and are inspired by its principles, in their own search to enrich the way we address these impending issues.

The Urban Management and Development – Ekistics Program at Universidad del Rosario  in Bogota – Colombia, has been working with undergraduate students since 2006 exploring the potential of Ekistics education, to contribute to lay the foundations of a more integrated urban development practice. New generations of urban management and development professionals, architects, urban planners, political scientists, amongst others, are becoming part of this community. Through their work, they are revisiting many insightful propositions brought together by Ekistics several decades ago, to think about current urban, regional and global challenges.

The relevance of systemic approaches to interpret and develop “Entopia”, couldn´t be greater today. Thus, the 2014 WSE meetings will become the setting for a multi-dimensional dialogue about the applicability of Ekistics concepts to think about concrete urban issues, the possible implications of the approach in management and planning practices, as well as its potentials for interdisciplinary education.

Bogota is a perfect laboratory for this dialogue. The event´s work agenda has been designed to: i) give participants an overview of this city´s current challenges; ii) interpret local issues from an Ekistics’ perspective; iii) discuss international cases brought by participants; and finally iv) brainstorm about the applicability of Ekistics to shed light on some of the Colombian capital´s current key concerns.

Additionally, a guided technical visit to the Bogota BRT system´s headquarters has been prepared. Transmilenio is an acclaimed urban initiative inspired in the Curitiba model, which has been the object of international recognition as an innovative, low-emissions, low-cost mobility alternative for developing nations which has quickly expanded. After close to 15 years since its introduction, there are many lessons learned from the implementation of this project, which will be of interest to all participants.

Registered participants may submit a proposal to make a 20 min. presentation in one of the three following dialogue tracks:

Track 1: Ekistics for Today
How could the Ekistics´ multi-dimensional approach be relevant to address contemporary urban, regional and global challenges holistically?

Track 2: Ekistics and Practice
How could Ekistics have incidence in the evolution of a more integrated and innovative urban development practice?

Track 3: Ekistics and Education
How could Ekistics contribute to a multidisciplinary education for new generations of urban researchers and professionals?

Submissions and guidelines (deadline extension)
Contributors should complete the submission format with their abstract and submit it by e-mail before Friday, March 21th, addressed to Chloé Attali:

Participation Fee
The Meetings Registration Fee is 100 Euros. This fee covers: lunches, coffee breaks, transportation from the hotels to the venue and back during the Meetings sessions (April 3-5). It also includes the technical visit to Transmilenio BRT system´s headquarters, the Gala dinner and your transport from El Dorado Airport to your hotel at your arrival on April 2nd, where you will be received by one of our students. For your convenience, payments will be received on-spot in local currency (COP) at your arrival in Universidad del Rosario April 3rd.
Bogota Colombia - Calle 12C  No. 6-25. 
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