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Investment Strategies in the Capital Market

The focus of the course is to understand the markets functioning in a practical way, relying on theoretical concepts as an introductory element. Classes are going to be done directly in the finance laboratory as the purpose is a practical one, where they will have access to market information (Bloomberg) and will apply knowledge in the development of investment strategies. Additionally, there will be active use of live trading platforms in order to dynamize the concepts seen in class.

Traditional finance has two fundamental pillars to determine the behavior of markets. The first is to assume that the participants act rationally and the second is that the markets are efficient. During the classes the students will understand that these rules are regularly transgressed. Therefore, the strategies must contemplate the possibility of diagnostic, operational errors to happen or even contingencies which the strategist/investor must adapt.

The course is taught by professionals with extensive experience in the local and global capital markets. Daniel Escobar has over 10 years of experience monitoring the capital markets and making investment recommendations. Agustín Vera has more than 20 years of experience and has been a mutual fund manager. During this time, he created the first technical indicators package developed in Latin America, which are offered through the Bloomberg information and negotiation platform

Addressed to

Professionals and university students interested in learning about the functioning and dynamics of the capital market, as well as the factors involved in structuring an active investment profile.


General objectives

  • The objective of the course is to familiarize participants with the capital market and asset management for the creation of investment strategies.

Specific objectives
  • Understand and use the main economic and financial indicators for investment decision making.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of geopolitical conflicts in the behavior of capital markets.
  • Select assets from quantitative tools available in Bloomberg (fixed and variable income).
  • Comprehend the concept of risk and investment term for the investment portfolios recommendation.
  • Incorporate criticisms of the traditional model of portfolio structuring (CAPM) and acknowledge the heuristic alternatives for the portfolio’s construction.


Classes that integrate the lecture with practical exercises in tandem with the finance laboratory tools such as Bloomberg and real trading platforms. The first one will be the input for decision making in concepts and indicators analysis. The second, being a trading platform in real time, will set the decision making as in the negotiation tables, putting into practice the knowledge learned. 

To qualify, a job is done at the end of the course, with a grade of 5. With a minimum required approval of 3. The teachers will be in charge of the grading.


Complement the theoretical knowledge with an approach to the practical world. Many times, markets do not work according to what the theory suggests and strategists must be prepared to adapt.


Daniel Escobar

Global Securities


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Agustín Vera Torres

SSA Funds, NJ - Quant Hedge Fund. Portfolio Strategist


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Dates: July 15th to 27th, 2019 (Saturday 27th included).
Schedule: Monday to Friday, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Venue: Sede Claustro, Universidad del Rosario, Cl 12C # 6-25, Bogotá.
Intensity: 33 hours.

Type of Offer: Course.
Credits: 2 UR credits (3,4 ECTS)
Language: Spanish.
School: School of Economics.
Requirements: Introductory courses in Economics and Finance
Fees: $ 1.400.000 COP – USD $ 445 (aprox.)

  • Early bird discount: 10% (until June 30th, 2019)
  • UR Community: 10%
  • International Community: 10%

Organizing committee

  • Karen Campos - Economist and Professional in Finance and International Trade at the Universidad del Rosario with a specialization in Capital Markets from the same institution. 6 years’ experience in the securities market in portfolio management at Itaú Asset Management.

*Universidad del Rosario holds the right to change or modify the timeline and/or the speakers of the course.